The TESOL Asia On-Line TESOL Certificate Course

Our new and improved interactive On Line Course will be back up mid February with new materials and Modules.

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The TESOL Certificate On-Line course cost is U.S. $490.00 for those who are able to study without guidance, at their own pace. Ideal for busy teachers and those in remote locations unable to attend courses.

There are 6  Modules in this On-Line certificate. You will view videos by world renowned professors and do readings in each module which will give you a theoretical underpinning of TESOL teaching.

Once you have completed the 6 modules and the Assessment  (there are multiple options to make your assessment choice easy) then you will be awarded your certificate. Our new certificates will have a QR code embedded in them – for both security reasons and for ease of any employer who may wish to view your official recognition of award online ion our web site

Some Modules require you to complete a multi-choice test to proceed to the next module.

It is expected over the next decade the vast majority of English learning will occur on-line and our State of the Art learning modules will give you the advantage over traditional TESOL courses.

We have also introduced LIVE  help – Skype us @ TESOL-Asia-International.

Also note you may apply for RPLERecognition of Prior Learning and Experience to gain credit.

Free content

Introduction Module
Multiple free videos, assessment tool and excellent information on the TESOL profession and  showing brief video content  on what will come next – thus giving you full information before signing up to do the course.

Paid TESOL Certificate Course Starts Here

Module 1.  Principles of SLA

Module Teaching  Points                            

  • The Principles of SLA explained
  • Acquisition –v- learning
  • Theory -v- practice

Module Learning Points              

  • A series of guide lines – not a rigid set of rules
  • No one rule fits all policy
  • Educational settings & Culture underpins the principles

Module 2.  TESOL Methodologies

              Module Teaching  Points

  • The last 70 years of methodologies
  • The key enduring methodologies
  • The evolving TPRS
  • Academic –v- classroom practicalities

Module Learning Points              

  • When to use PPP or Task Based Teaching
  • Communicative language teaching and cultural vagaries
  • 2017- We are in Post methods era

Module 3.  Task Based Teaching Method

              Module Teaching  Points            

  • Distinguishing TBT from other methods
  • The essential “outcome”
  • Understanding cultural conflicts with TBT

Module Learning Points              

  • Building a task based lesson
  • The Pre task, Task and Post Task phase
  • Variations on the basic model TBT lesson

Module 4.  Teaching Young Learners

            Module Teaching  Points

  • Fundamentals of Teaching Young Learners
  • Preparing a Lesson and Competing Considerations
  • Mother Tongue or English Only Policy
  • Language Acquisition –v- language Learning in Young Learners

                Module Learning Points

  • Compelling Compressible Input (CCI)
  • Picture Description & Vocabulary Acquisition
  • Motivation -v- de-motivation
  • Learning Through Play
  • Common Problems Encountered While Teaching YLs

Module 5.  Teaching Grammar

                Module Teaching  Points

  • Which Grammar theory
  • Chomsky –v- Krashen -v- Grammar Translation
  • Accuracy –v- Fluency

                Module Learning Points

  • The types of grammar lessons you can deliver                 .
  • Pop Up grammar

Module 6.  Elements of TESOL

                Module Teaching  Points

  • English as an International Language –diverse settings
  • Fundamentals of Error Correction (Corrective feedback)
  • Principles in Teaching Pronunciation

Module Learning Points

  • US – UK or Global English
  • The use of Recasts & Positive negatives
  • Drills in pronunciation

Final Examination and awarding of certificate>

Optional Modules

Module 7.  Teaching English On-Line

                Module Teaching  Points

  • Engage + Confidence + Personalization = Outcome
  • Distinguishing On and Offline Methodologies & Approaches
  • The New Psychology of On-Line teaching English

Module Learning Points

  • How to Engage students
  • Assessing your students’ progress
  • Psycho-linguistic basis for on-line students

Module 8.  Teaching Business English

                Module Teaching  Points

  • Corporate Executive Training procedures
  • Designing and delivering professional materials
  • Business Culture across diverse cultures

Module Learning Points

  • Cross Cultural Awareness – Language and Norms
  • Negotiating the Deal in Cross Cultural Dimensions
  • Critical Incidences Analysis
  • English skills that Propel Company Practices


Pathways After Completing the Course

The Australian Certificate IV – Training & Assessment Certificate. Ideal for all professional TESOL Teachers

The ‘must have’ certification for TESOL teachers looking to advance their professional training

For all TESOL teachers and TESOL trainers  interested in delivering high quality training that gets results, complete the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – the ‘must have’ qualification for successful teachers and  trainers.

Diploma. TESOL
The global TESOL Asia Diploma in TESOL is a research based work where you can specialize in your particular area of concern or specialty in the field of TESOL. Research papers will be published in the world leading Asian EFL Journal or Asian ESP Journal. Guidance from our professorial editors is available

Our University partners will assess your prior learning certificates and grant credit according to the universities regulations