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TESOL Asia is a Division of SITE Ltd Australia- a leading Vocational Educational Provider. TESOL Asia prides itself on delivering the highest standards in teacher training, complying with rigid internal and external assessment standards.

We are looking to work with Educational Partners who are willing to deliver our World leading teacher training courses across the Globe. TESOL Asia provides 24/7 support, backed by the world’s most famous academic journal group (English Language Education Journals) and in conjunction with the world’s first online internet TESOL Radio – TESOL Fm which will assist in promoting your school’s courses on air.

Areas of co-operation

a) TESOL Certificate training (either attendance based courses or on-line)

b) ESP Certificate training (attendance based courses)

c) Co-sponsor an International Conference with us

d) Work together on a new on-line Open access journals

e) Publishing

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And more!

TESOL Asia has been operating for over two decades and has worldwide credibility from our Academic journals and Global TESOL Conferences.

Divisions of TESOL Asia are:

  1. English Language Education Journals
  • 796 Academic professors on the Boards
  • 2,000,000 readers annually
  • The Academic Journals are:
    • Asian EFL Journal
    • Linguistics Journal
    • Asian ESP Journal
    • English as an International Language Journal
    • TESOL International Journal
  1. TESOL Asia Education
  • Certificate Courses
  • TESOL Asia TESOL Certificate App
  • Internet radio
  1. Conferences
  • Annual Asian EFL Journal conference
  • Annual TESOL Asia Conference

Partner with us in delivering our work renowned TESOL Certificate

TESOL Asia Provides the curriculum and our partners provide the trainers.

Partner with us now!