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TESOL Asia is a division of SITE Ltd Australia (www.site.edu.au)

TESOL Asia divisions are :-

  1. English Language Education Journals www.elejournals.com (open access)
  2. TESOL Asia conference group www.asianefl.com
  3. TESOL Certificate training group Cert TESOL training
  4. TESOL App division IOS & Android
  5. TESOL Asia I.T. research
  6. Women in TESOL www.women-in-tesol.com
  7. TESOL Fm internet radio station www.tesolfm.com
  8. TESOL Asia Language acquisition research (ESP and CLIL)

Our major campus facility is located at Clark Freeport Zone Philippines

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Welcome to TESOL Asia. TESOL Asia is one the leading TESOL membership organization in the world. There are no boundaries or borders to membership. Over the coming months TESOL Asia will be offering members a variety of benefits that will assist in their teaching life ranging from Language testing assessment tools, Apps, to multiple other membership benefits. The demand for qualified providers of English and English for Specific Purpose skills grows globally and TESOL Asia is linking with professional partners to assist members in their life long career pursuits.

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TESOL Division

Second Language Acquisition Research and Teaching

This is an area of remarkable growth and research across the globe. It is estimated that over one million persons are actively involved in TESOL worldwide with a further four million teaching or involved in teaching English across the globe. The fields of study and research include second language acquisition theories, English teacher training courses and programs (TESOL), research into the field of English as an International Language and developing areas of Brain studies and language acquisition. TESOL conferences have become a weekly occurrence, whilst indexed international journals are reporting substantial growth in submissions from the profession. TESOL Asia is for practitioners in the fields of English teaching, EFL, ESL and TESOL training. Of course anyone with an interest in this field may join us. Membership is free. We welcome you to our global membership organization. With an estimated 2 billion persons learning or teaching or otherwise involved in the field of ELT, TESOL is possibly the largest profession in the world.

ESP Division

English for Specific Purposes
English for Special Purposes
English for Strategic Purposes

Across Asia a surging interest in ESP courses has emerged. Since its inception, ESP strove to establish itself as an independent branch of applied linguistics and the evidence suggests this is now occurring in increasing frequency. Demand from the Asian business sector and student communities have raised the field of ESP and underpinning theories about who teaches it and who should actually teach ESP courses and prepare course curriculum’s. ESP conferences and symposiums are becoming more frequent. Yet ESP courses in the past have been downplayed on the grounds of lacking a rigorous academic theory. Recently growing emphasis has been placed on ESP teaching in universities across China. TESOL Asia will bring together ESP practitioners from across the world with an interest in ESP and its growth.