Presenter Registration Process

To guide you in your registration as presenter, please be familiar with the registration process.

You can download the Registration Process here.

Step 1: Fill out online Registration Form. Wait for an email confirmation that registration is successful. Step 2: Abstract will be reviewed. Once approved, you will receive Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and payment voucher. Step 3: Reserve your presentation slot by processing the full registration fee or at least the down payment indicated in the voucher within a week after receipt of LOA. Send a copy of the payment transaction slip. Step 4: Wait for an email confirmation that your payment was received. Copy of your abstract including your presentation schedule will be posted on the conference website within a week after receipt of payment.

* 1 Paper = 1 Payment Voucher. For presenters who submit multiple papers, each paper will be given a separate abstract number and reference number. Each presenter must pay for each paper he wants to present/be published. For papers with multiple authors, only those who PAID for registration fee will be included in the publication, regardless of appearance at the Conference. Please show printed or electronic copy of Payment Voucher upon registration on the event proper.

** Balance due on registration fee can be paid in cash until the conference date. Regular rates apply for on-site payments. Registration fee will be adjusted from “Early Bird” to “Regular” if completion of payment is done after the Early Bird registration date. (Early Bird registration is from February 1 to March 25, 2017.) Any unconfirmed presentations until March 25, 2017 will be removed from the conference website and will not be included in the conference book.

*** Conference Schedule is prone to changes until the last week before the Conference. Presenters may request for a specific day as to when they would want to present. Changing the schedule after confirmation is subject to availability of the new schedule desired.


Download Registration Process