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Asian EFL Journal

Asian EFL Journal


Members Benefits

1. Free TESOL certificates

2. TESOL  Apps  to be introduced in 2014 for teachers and students use

3. Full access to TESOL Fm music and Live sessions

4. Private Social media for education


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Why TESOL Asia?

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TESOL Certificate
TESOL Certificate Courses
TESOL Asia conference schedules worldwide

About us

TESOL is an acronym meaning Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. TESOL Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters and PhD courses underpin the professional teacher. TESOL Asia is one of the largest member organizations in the world supporting the academic and teaching ESL-EFL profession. We have brought together a unique triage of ESL professionalism, from Academic Scholars Publishing House journals to the worlds first TESOL on-line radio, TESOL Fm, combined with the uniqueness of TESOL Asia.
TESOLasia TESOL Asia's dedicated Conference web site is now up at http://t.co/45OFXYSqT5 for the Manila January 30th 3 day TESOL conference
TESOLasia RT @TESOLFM: TESOL FM the world’s first internet radio station for to the English language teachers and global community of English languag…
TESOLasia 10th Asian EFL Journal / TESOL Asia Conference, De La Salle University Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines January 30- February 2, 2014
TESOLasia TESOL Conference January 30- February 2, 2014 De La Salle University Taft Avenue, Manila
TESOLasia Learn English with songs at tesol.fm


Certificate and Diploma and Higher Education Courses


TESOL Certificate 1


Certificate 1 is offered free by TESOL Asia to members. It introduces those with no experience to the world of English teaching. All modules are online and self learning. Those who complete Cert 1 may move up the ladder to higher level studies. Opening early 2014


TESOL Certificate 2


Certificate 2 (free) is a 120 hour course which is currently the global standard. There are 8 modules – all readings are provided by Academic Scholars Publishing House. For teachers with 1-3 years experience but no formal ESL qualification. Begins early 2014

TESOL Certificate 3


Certificate 3 includes ESP modules apart from those in Certificate 2. CLIL & ESP Practitioners may underatke this certificate. Second language acquisition and principles of acquisition underpin this certificate as well post era methodologies. Begins early 2014

TESOL Certificate 4


Certificate 4 is a research based course. Many TESOL practitioners have spent years teaching and researching second language acquisition. Your years of teaching service combines with a professional research paper. Begins early 2014

TESOL ESP Certificate Advanced


This course is for those who intend to specialize in the subjects such as Business English, Legal English, etc. The modules come from Certificate 3 combined with modules on ESP and CLIL. This is a world leading must do certificate. Begins mid 2014

TESOL Certificate Young Learner


The world’s leading virtual world  education group for Young Learners provides the material those teaching Young Learners need to know. This  certificate is unique in the world and will take you inside a virtual world study  platform. Begins early 2014

Diploma TESOL


For those with 5 years or more practical experience in the field of TESOL teaching. A research paper of up to 10,000 words which will be published in Academic Scholars Publishing House journals. Opens mid 2014



The Ma TESOL will commence in 2014 and will be an affordable online Masters. Credit will be given to those who have done our TESOL courses and meet all requirements. More information soon.


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